Doja Cat, Astra King & more…

Doja Cat, Astra King & more…

The last two weeks saw tons of single releases, many of which were highly anticipated (Doja Cat, Leigh-Anne, Peggy Gou). And some songs saw unexpected collaborations such as Suki Waterhouse with Belle & Sebastian, or Pixey with Tayo Sound.

Here are the honourable mentions for new tracks I couldn’t cover: Georgia’s “Give It Up For Love”, Grace Carter’s “Riot“, Hemlock Springs’ “Heavun”, Caity Baser’s “Leave Me Alone“ and Laufey’s “Promise”.

New album to check out: Decisive Pink’s ‘Ticket To Fame’

  1. Pixey & Tayo Sound – Daisy Chain

Pixey’s new track called “Daisy Chain” is out now. And it’s perfect listening for the summer. The sunny track is inspired by ‘90s-style breakbeat music, sampling the hit song “Steal My Sunshine” by the Canadian band Len. 

“This is a sample that got me into production in the first place”, Pixey commented on the new single. “So it was an honour to recreate it. ‘Daisy Chain’ is everything that represents my project – samples, breaks and nostalgia, but importantly; the sunshine.”

Some listeners may find the production too haze-y, but singer Pixey’s charisma dispels these clouds. An unexpected feature comes in the form of Nigerian-Scottish singer Tayo Sound. While not necessary, the singer expertly adds his own spin to the song. 

The lyrics are mesmerising as well, since they throwback to a 60’s Woodstock-style period, with references to daisy chains, Mary Janes (cannabis?), vinyl records and the Flower Child.

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  • June 25, 2023