I’m an ex-B&M worker… here’s the most annoying thing customers always say

I’m an ex-B&M worker… here’s the most annoying thing customers always say

A FORMER B&M worker has revealed the most annoying things customers say to her while on shift.

The bargain store is known for great deals, but it’s customers also are known to employees to say irritating things.

Customers at the bargain store can say some odd thingsCredit: KEELEY.DANCEX TIKTOK
The retail shop has amazing deals, but it’s customers say some funny things to staffCredit: Getty

Taking to TikTok, former worker Keeley shared a few of the phrases she’s sick of hearing while on shift.

She said: “Things I hear everyday working in B&M.”

The first phrase was “What’s the damage?”

Keeley continued: “Do you have egg chairs?

“Can you ask for my ID so I feel young?”

Viewers found the video hilarious, with many other B&M workers chiming in with the worst things they hear.

One commented alongside an eye roll emoji: “You forgot ‘I only came in here for one thing’”

Another said: “I used to hate working there… horrible to staff.”

One more said: “I also work at B&M on the shop floor and the usual ones I get are “got any hot tubs left” “any egg chairs?”

Meanwhile, a former B&M manager has revealed the behind-the-scene store secrets – including the best time of day to visit to nab the best deals.

Roxanne from Huddersfield, had to answer “10 basic questions” before getting offered a job as a cashier at B&M – one of the most popular discount stores in the country.

The 34-year-old, who is currently a sales fulfilment administrator, spent the next eight years working her way up to supervisor before eventually being promoted to deputy manager.

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After gaining years-worth of insider knowledge following her shifts at the Brighouse, Huddersfield and Shipley branches, she’s now spilled all to Fabulous Digital – including the tips and tricks to bagging the best bargains and the worst types of customer she’s had to deal with.

First up, Roxanne reveals there’s a super simple way to be the first in line when it comes to getting your hands on discounted goods – and it’s all to do with what time you visit the store.

According to the ex-B&M manager, Wednesday at 10am is prime time…because that’s when items get slashed to as little as just 10p.

“If the company wanted rid of something to make room for new stock they’d discount things to 10p,” she says.

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“It’d be anything and everything including £30 bedding sets, curtains, rugs etc.”

Keeley found the comments hilariousCredit: KEELEY.DANCEX TIKTOK
Keeley shared her complaints with her followersCredit: KEELEY.DANCEX TIKTOK
  • June 25, 2023