Lewis Capaldi’s Glastonbury performance branded ‘powerful’ as he battles Tourette’s issues

Lewis Capaldi’s Glastonbury performance branded ‘powerful’ as he battles Tourette’s issues

The mother of a teenager who has been diagnosed with Tourette’s has praised Lewis Capaldi for his “amazingly powerful” performance at the Glastonbury Festival. Capaldi took to the Pyramid Stage on Saturday afternoon (June 24), leaving some fans in tears with his popular ballads – including Laura Hummersone, mum of 19-year-old Harry.

Capaldi, who himself has Tourette’s – a neurological condition which causes involuntary muscle movements and sounds known as tics, fought his way to the end of his set, even as he told the crowd he was losing his voice. As the popstar stopped singing, the sea of people responded by belting out his lyrics to show their support.

The performance had an emotional impact on Laura and Harry, with the 50-year-old welling up during the set. She told the PA news agency: “Watching Lewis yesterday, in that moment, I think he did more for Tourette’s than any charity or education on the topic in all the times I’ve known about Tourette’s. I was in tears.”

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The mother-son duo watched Capaldi, 26, on TV from their home in Farnborough, Hampshire. Laura added that Harry gradually began smiling as he found solace in the face he and the popstar shared similar tics.

“[Capaldi] was openly ticing and my son tries to suppress his most of the time when he’s out, which means that when he comes home, he has these huge tic attacks where he can barely do anything”, she said. “Some of the tics that Lewis was doing were tics that my son does on a regular daily basis, jerking the head.”

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Harry was diagnosed with Tourette’s when he was five-and-a-half. Laura, who now works in the criminal investigation department of the police force, said her son’s tics were so bad at one point that she had to quit the job she had at the time for 12 years to look after him. “Because of his head tics at one point, he couldn’t stand up,” she said.

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  • June 25, 2023