Sunderland fans struggling to cope with what has happened at Newcastle United

Sunderland fans struggling to cope with what has happened at Newcastle United

The current heatwave has finally taken its toll on Sunderland fans this weekend.

Whilst relaxing, enjoying and absorbing the peaceful tranquility of the Master Mariners Homes communal garden in Tynemouth, I decided to have a browse into the football forums to see what the latest was.

Fabrizio Romano was reporting that the Sandro Tonali transfer from Milan to Newcastle United was a formality, with personal terms agreed on a six year deal.

It will be a record fee for an Italian player as well as breaking Newcastle’s own transfer record, which was set last year with the acquisition of ‘Rolls Royce’ Alexander Isak.

I think that it could have been Fabrizio’s trademark and definitive “Here we Go” which was the catalyst that triggered the vitriolic bile that soon ensued on the Sunderland fans message board RTG.

The thread was titled something like ‘Mags to pay Milan £68M’ and it lasted a hilarious 27 minutes before being quickly pulled by the moderators.

In that short period of time some of the mackems managed to stoop to an all time low, and quite frankly, totally embarrassed themselves.

According to them, Italians never do very well in the EPL, completely and conveniently leaving the likes of Vialli, Zola and Di Matteo out of their argumentative assumptions.

One of the Sunderland fans was shot down for having the temerity to say that Tonali was actually a very good player.

“He’s not” came the ripostes, with desperate claims that he is “sh… and overrated”.

Apparently Sandro Tonali is being forced out of Milan (incidentally on two or three times his current salary) and crying at the prospect of living in Newcastle.

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The notion that his genuine tearful exit may have been because he was leaving his beloved team that he supports, never even got a mention.

The usual human rights baloney then started to be thrown into the equation as the ‘debate’ descended into absolute further chaos, and alas, the thread was removed altogether.

Not to be outdone however, another mackem had earlier began his / her own thread about ‘Mag shirts all over Sunderland‘.

Apparently Wearside had been full of folk in black and white ‘Saudi’ replica shirts and this was irking many of the locals.

They are in fear that they are “losing their fortress” and now is the time to take matters into their own hands. “Any Mag should be game for a clip” was the view of some…

I sometimes get a few dissenters on The Mag after my anti-mackem articles. According to them all I do is write about them.

Of course this is incorrect as I do far more historical and nostalgic articles on former Newcastle United players, teams and eras etc.

What I will say, is that if calling me a ‘mackem hater’ suits the apologists narrative, then I am happy to be one.

Newcastle United’s takeover and assumed wealth, as well as our rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes, has shaken the whole football establishment to its core.

No other place in the country has been more affected by these tremors than Wearside.

As long as the Sunderland fans are green with envy and continue with their nonsensical jealous diatribe about anything to do with Newcastle United, Tyneside and the Saudis, I’ll be here to scoff and rub their noses in it.

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Why? Because I enjoy their pain, and it makes everything we are now doing so much sweeter , by knowing that the people who we once considered to be our rivals and enemies, are basically marooned as a backwater club of little national relevance or importance whatsoever.

Keep reminding them of that because if the boot was on the other foot, we wouldn’t hear the last of it.

The sun is back out again lads and lasses, so go and do a ‘Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ and prove that we Geordies can actually enjoy a ‘Heatwave’.

And if you are heading to Seaburn or any other exotic Wearside port of call, don’t forget to wear your Toon garb…..just for the cràic of course.

  • June 25, 2023